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Selecting an Agency and Agent

One of the primary keys to a smooth real estate transaction is the relationship between you and your real estate professional.  This makes selecting the right agent and agency critical.

It is important to establish trust and a working relationship early in the process.  After you have narrowed your search to 3 or 4 agencies and agents, take some time for one on one interviews with the agent and their broker.

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When selecting an agency consider the following:

Business longevity:  How long has the company been in existence?  How long has the company operated in the community where you will purchase?  How long has the Broker / Associate Broker(s) worked in real estate in the community?

At King Realty Group our Broker and Principal Associate Broker have more than 30 years experience in real estate sales, marketing and law in the State of Michigan.

Legal Knowledge:  Real estate agreements are typically the largest single financial transaction most people enter into in their lifetimes.  Making sure they stand up to legal scrutiny is critical.  What level of legal service does the agency offer?

At King Realty Group we provide our residential customers, at no additional cost, with an attorney review of the buy/sell agreement, closing documents and title work prior to closing.  This is an extra level of protection and service that all agents recommend on their real estate forms, and one that we provide.

Ancillary Services:  What range of services does the agency offer?  Are they a one-stop shop where in addition to real estate you might be offered to purchase financing, home warranties, title services, and more.

At King Realty Group we focus on real estate and the buying and selling of it and leave ancillary services such as insurance, home warranties and financing to professionals in those fields.  We can recommend professionals in the region, but selling ancillary services is not part of our business model.

Reputation for Customer Service:  How does the company treat its customers?  Can you reach the agents and decision makers?  Do your questions get answered in a straightforward manner?   Is the office open and readily accessible?

At King Realty Group we pride ourselves on being available for clients and the public either in person, on the phone or over the internet.  We also take pride in getting our clients' questions answered.  And if we don’t know the answer, we will not make one up.  We will find the answer and tell you how we determined it.

When selecting a real estate agent to work with, give some consideration to the following:

Attitude:  Real estate agents are authorities that you hire to help you make the right decisions regarding the purchase and sale of real estate.  Remember though that you are the customer and have the final word.  Does the real estate agent you are considering demonstrate an understanding of this?

At King Realty Group we instruct our agents to never pressure clients.  We are here to meet your goals and objectives, not sales quotas.

Communications:  How often can you expect to hear from the agent?  How will the agent communicate with you?  How are the agent's listening skills?  Do they cut you off before you've finished a sentence?  

At King Realty Group our agents are available in person, via cell phone and via the internet.  You determine the frequency of contact at the beginning of the process.  The level of contact you desire is what our agents will be held accountable to achieving.

Our agent team prides itself on listening skills.  Your time is valuable to you and listening to your needs is how we determine what properties fit those needs.

Knowledge Base:  How long has the individual been in real estate?  How familiar with the area is the agent?

While time in the business is important, even more so is knowledge of the community and area.  At King Realty Group all of our agents have been living, staying and loving the South Haven area for more than a decade.  And many more years in some cases.

After you have selected an agency and agent, give some consideration as to building upon the working relationship you established through the interview process.

If you are selling property:

  • Make up a list or write up some paragraphs on what you like about the property.  What drew you to the property and what have you discovered during your ownership period?  What features might potential buyers overlook?
  • Ask your agent before you upgrade aspects of the property.  Fresh paint, new carpet and such or normal ideas.  Your agent may have others and can show you how improvements might help your property stand out over the competition.  They can also help you identify when an upgrade may not generate dollars back on the sale.
  • At the time you select an agent, work out and state your expectations for contact with you, showing instructions, marketing your property and any deadlines or financial bottom lines.

If you are buying property:

  • Get an understanding of what you want in the property.  If buying a home, think about your lifestyle.  Do you like to entertain?  Do you entertain in the kitchen, outdoors or in a formal dining room?
  • Make a list of your priorities for the property.  As much as you can, rank the items on the list.
  • Start with your agent on a broad search of property that meets various levels of your criteria.  Has you tour the properties, make notes on likes and dislikes for each property and review those notes with your agent.
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